Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Break

What a refreshing time of year....60-70 degree weather, a little rain, bulbs popping up and beds to rake. And then, of course, Spring Break arrived for those connected with schools in some way. So, being a grandparent, I was touched by that event. There were some fun, relaxing things to do around here.
Helped Kylee make her very own writing journal. 

Supervised baking.

Celebrated St. Patrick's Day.

Made a new necklace for Kylee.

Learned to make PlayDough fashions.

And amid all of this I completed  a "walking pod" inspired by Christi Friesen's instruction
during a portion of Polymer Clay Adventure Retreat.

Now it is time to prepare for post Spring Break adventures.......   Hope you find a few!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Well February, 2015 has certainly flown. I kept busy with more new projects that included two more backgrounds for exchange with a gal in Australia.......

and another in Canada.

I had fun one afternoon getting acquainted with a new FaceBook mixed media friend from Memphis while she visited in Wichita. We checked out local shops and found some great treasures at Mrs. O'Leary's in Old Town.
Here we are squirreling around at the Nifty Nut House.
The last week of the month I developed a new addiction for making polymer clay tiles. I was supposed to take part in a fairy gate exchange of 2"x 2" tiles as a part of the Polymer Clay Adventure Retreat that I am in online...but I got so sidetracked on the joy of making scenes that I derailed and took pleasure in making 2" scenes from my thoughts of the Kansas prairie and as well as some inchies of a less serious spring theme.  I didn't get signed up to the exchange but have some great tiles....see them here.....It is a bad thing I suppose when a crone gets sidetracked by a clay addiction, right?
These are the collection of 2"x 2" tiles that I dubbed "my Kansas prairie fairy gates and scenes".
If you look closely, you will be able to find a fairy, or her wisp, in each tile.
Good luck hunting! You may need a magnifying glass.

These tiles range from 2"x2" to "inches". That means they are 1"x1". Notice, there is a penny on the lower part
of the tray to give your eyes a reference for size. All of the tiles depict some of my ideas
about spring and joys of friendship. I will use these for magnet give aways and tiles for a front cover on an art journal.
The inches had not been cured at the time I took this photo. So no stains or pigments had been applied yet. However the 2" tiles had been through that process. See the difference? See why I am addicted?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Like Sand Through an Hour Glass

Honestly, where does time go? Or as the memory from an old soap opera opening used to dramatically summarize,  "Like sand through an hour glass, so are the days of our lives." Regardless, three months have passed and I have not made a blog entry. Life has passed. It has been very rich and full of blessings. Here then are a few of the creative things I have enjoyed making along the way to mark some of that time. Hope you enjoy seeing them and catch a creative bug to try something for fun too during 2015.

These are the two canvas pieces I completed under the direction of Sue Pellitier at the "Art Is You" event I went to in Stanford, Conn.. (see previous post)

This is some of the "junk jewelry" I had fun making for our granddaughter, Kylee, for Thanksgiving and Advent season.

These are a couple of sewing projects I put together recently: a studio jacket for a friend and a jumper for Kylee.

Art journaling has followed me into this new year in the form of what I have dubbed "Soul Seeds" and I used that for my journal cover theme. (see above top) As I caught a vision for my word of the year (Hope) in early January, I was surprised to discover that my word of the year(Immanuel) page from January, 2014,  was completed in a very similar color scheme. Here you see the two pages side by side.

Designing art journal pages for people around the globe has become a new adventure for me. This is the first of twelve page sets I will be contributing.

In order to encourage a friend into a highly constructive studio year, I designed and created this studio journal cover and embellished inside pages with some of my favorite motivational statements for him.

With Valentine's on the way, I got busy and made some ATCs to enclose with some homemade valentine cards that will be traded along the way.
Unfortunately it appears that my file of the cards did not save and consequently I can not share a picture of them with you.

And finally, over the past couple of days, I have altered a couple of Altoid boxes into these lovelies for another trading adventure I am enjoying.

Now, I must get caught up on my Sketchbook Boot Kamp and start to delve into a polymer clay retreat.

As you can see, "like sand through an hour glass, so are the days of my life." Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the sand!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Full Circle

What an amazing day of final preparations for attending Art IS You in Stamford, Conn. this coming week. I had had clothes assembled early in the week but finally got them in my carryon bag. Had made a small batch of inspiration cards for my hostess. They went into my bag with no problem. Excitement built. It seemed I was nearly to come full circle with fulfillment of my dream of attending this grand event.

However, when I checked e-mail, I discovered an update about the coming retreat. An embedded message was a reminder that during one day, we will be able to collect Journals for Heroes, which will be added to a year long journal drive for heroes that are currently deployed or expected to deploy in coming months.

I remembered this idea was shared very early in the registration process and I had planned to take a contribution. So, to my clean studio I went.

First I gathered a Fabriano journal I had recently purchased, washi tape, Duck tape, quote stamps and many ink pads. I set about designing a cover and began to think about how I helped ready our son when he deployed. I thought about how important a journal had always been to him to capture thoughts and creative ideas. As I selected quotes and stamped them into the pages I felt as if I was making him smile. By the time I had stamped the last page and written a "Thanks for volunteering!" with my No. 2 pencil to insure that the message would not wash away, I felt as if I had spent an hour with him. It was wonderful. Here is a look at the front.

The back inside cover.....

The back and front spread flat.

I have good memories of the surprise boxes we sent to our son and his 173rd brothers several times. Eleven years seems a century ago, yet the circle has come back around. I do hope one of our volunteer service heroes takes momentary delight in filling their journal as they serve. It was with true joy I made it for them. It helped me realize that I have come full circle with grief.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


One of this weeks' doings included transforming this seven dollar thrifted party dress

into the beginnings of an Elsa costume. 

The week also kept me busy on some Shrinky Dink treasures for my exchange charms at the upcoming Stamford, Conn, Art IS You, 2014 event.

Hope to get this project done beckon.

However, so does coffee
 cards and correspondence
 bright eyes
 a last lilac blossom
 two final Easter lilly trumpets
and an urgent call to "bloom".

Think I shall choose the latter and get busy enjoying all of these morning beckonings.
How about you?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dawn's Early Light

During a few morning meanderings this week,  I have given wonder to a familiar phrase: "by the dawn's early light."  Friday morning a walk took me only a couple of blocks from our house, as I did my own version of a personal "sketch/paint crawl". I called it that because I chose to take along a sketch book, stop and make puddles of watercolors with a set of my travel paints and a water brush, add a few ink details and then walk on at a slow crawl speed to see what my eyes would notice next for subject interest in the early light. This brought my eyes to notice some less noticed beauty:  a stack of old flower pots, three pots of waning impatiens, old sneaker prints in a slab of sidewalk, last of season blossoms, an American flag and a beautifully rusted water main cover.

Saturday morning, I stood on the screened porch in early light and wondered at this rosebud stretching to near my waist height.

Then, I took a walk about the neighborhood, where light was cast on many of fall's colors and textures. I gathered samples of a few of the prettiest and headed for home with my pocketful of treasures thinking some of them can be made into new stains in my art journaling. 
Another joy of Saturday's walk was that the light woke up several hundred small, brown birds in a couple of crab apple trees that I walk under. I took pause there to enjoy their joyous ode. Such a special thing to have experienced. I shall ever onward refer to that place  as "my Chirping Trees". I am still smiling at the delight of it.

And Sunday morning brought me and my camera, a SONY Cyber-shot  DSC- H5,  to some early light moments.  First I was struck by the natural light that shone through a crystal bowl and sent wonders of heaven through my mind.

Then, the light on a book caught my eye.

a familiar silhouette came forth, 

curtains filtered early light and beckoned me to look outside.

Right there on the porch, a play of early light and shadows beckoned me to a soul dance of sorts. 

So, there you have it, my recent experiences with dawn's early light. 

I think I now have more appreciation for why I am a morning person.......