Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kingdom Tither

The gnomes in Blue Village have been in quite a tither: snow fell.

Seed planting halted.
Chatter of coming things began.
Flower growth was suspended.

Water source for birds froze.
The first Blood Moon came and went.
Blue Village thawed.
Peace and hope returned, with a renewed knowledge of how good He is all the time. And many voices were heard from the village saying: "Choose you this day whom you will serve; As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  -Joshua 24:15

Friday, February 28, 2014

Peace and Joy

Once I got settled into a couple of e-classes in January I decided to start a very intense project that began from a collection of ephemera a friend provided me. Work by Anna Dabrowska, aka Finnabar, inspired me as I designed and worked through two pieces.

First there was the initial need to attach the ephemera to canvas board with gel medium and select frames for each.


Once all was dry, generous layers of gesso were put on each.

Next came a number of layers of Dylusions spray inks and acrylic paints.

Coloration continued and spray shimmer was used and then each board was covered with black acrylic wash that was wiped off to reveal detail. Frames were also painted to blend with the pieces.

Rub 'n Buff Grecian Gold was applied. Pearlized acrylic paints, rhinestones and Golden Gold fine  were applied.

At last, the pieces were complete. However, none of the pictures I have taken come close to the true reveal of color and texture that each will provide to my friend's studio. I do hope she does not try to eat them....they are her favorite colors!

Here are a few close up shots you might enjoy seeing.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Off My Desk

WOW, with the start of 2014, came more e classes, more ideas, more fresh beginnings in new journals. So, as of now I have several things off my studio table. Wanna see? Here they are.

The first couple of exercises for "Life Book, 2014". My choice for "word" for the year: Immanuel.

The inside cover page and faithart journaling pages for the first eight days of the month are also complete. This journey will be a day by day adventure that I came up with after having followed Diane Marra (dianemarra.typepad.com) for a year or so. Decided to incorporate inspiration from my preferred daily devotion guide, Upper Room (UR) and/or my newly acquired devotional, The Duck Commander Devotional. To date, I have only used UR inspirations.

Also keeping up with daily "Creative Jumpstart, 2014", through the month of January. Have a couple of classes to take from Valerie Sjodin for my 64th birthday this month and I have to finish signing up for workshops at "Art is my...BFF" in October. Yes, lots on my workbench but many things are already off of it.

Every day of life IS good, busy, fun. Retirement could not be better than this. Love, love, love it!!!!!
Here I come 2014, ready or not!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Grand Opening

Just as I hope you had a grand season, now past, I want to reflect on the conclusion of ours and explain why it truly was a grand opening into this new year of 2014.

It all began with a box...
and ideas from the peanut gallery...

First, the design team did what they do best, problem solved and designed....

then, Grandma Doings got into the efforts and helped paint, paper and ready the newest shop on the block:  Butterflies, a one stop shopping general store, where everything is free provided you have a special entrance card.

Special folks were invited and welcomed...

A ribbon cutting was held...

and tours given....Grandpa Doings was especially proud to be first through the new store.

Refreshments were enjoyed and all agreed that it had been a grand opening to the new year. 

Hope you agree!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Process, process, Process

With remnants of Thanksgiving/Hanukkah still in the kitchen
the process of Christmas gift giving begins.

Actually, for Mr. & Mrs. Doings,  the process for some of this year's gifts began in July, 2012. That is when I carved stamps that would be used several days later.

In August of 2012, I was taking an e-class, The Art of Giving with Regina M. Lord. That is when I began the process of making banners. Here is a picture of the first step in which I had applied gesso to some army camouflage canvas,  painted each one with acrylics, then hung them out to dry on my "line" in the garage.

Next came printing and stamping some muslin with words and the carved images I had made earlier.

Then, stencils were applied with enamel paint and the banners were hung to dry again on the line.

After they were dry, each banner had the words and stamped images sewn on by machine. Fringe was sewn on the bottom of each banner and then all of them were sewn to one continuous piece of trim.

Dylusions Spray Inks were applied to the fringe; it did not have good lasting quality. 
Ribbons were tied between the banners and then the string of gratitudes were hung in the rafters of one of our favorite spots: the screened porch.

And there they hung from August, 2012 until November, 2013,  giving rise to many meditations, prayers, greetings, reflective thoughts and ponderings of family, friends and total strangers. Until became the operative word in this whole process on November 25.  That is the day I took the banners down, cut them apart, sewed loops into the ribbons and applied wire to each one. 

Now,  the process is nearly complete. Each banner will be sent this holiday season to dear ones offering special blessings. I doubt that they will suspect what the process really involved. But as you have now been a part of that process, I hope you have found some new knowledge and perhaps more importantly, a special blessing in the process of reading about these banners. Truly this has taught me again that little things often have a great deal of time and love in the process.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Three Birds with One Stone

In recent days I figured out a way to kill three birds with one stone...First, I got busy constructing a new journal from a manilla envelope, a few pages of card stock and some nifty inspired ideas for concealing things on those pages. All this resulted from a class by Terri Kahrs through 21 Secrets.  Second, rather than use blank card stock for this project, I decided to substitute gelli plate pulls I had completed on various types of paper: cheap copy paper, deli paper, card stock. These pulls were results from a class with Carolyn "Cat" Sardowski. See more on her at artdemos.com.  And third, I began to use this new journal in a class I am currently taking from Melody Ross at bravegirlsclub.com.  Any questions you see on pages are from her. All the purple ephemera used so far is from a swap with a artsy buddy. I am only sharing a few of the pages here. Keep in mind please, none of these pages are complete, it is a journal in the making.

To present.......>>>>>>>>>>>