Friday, November 29, 2013

Process, process, Process

With remnants of Thanksgiving/Hanukkah still in the kitchen
the process of Christmas gift giving begins.

Actually, for Mr. & Mrs. Doings,  the process for some of this year's gifts began in July, 2012. That is when I carved stamps that would be used several days later.

In August of 2012, I was taking an e-class, The Art of Giving with Regina M. Lord. That is when I began the process of making banners. Here is a picture of the first step in which I had applied gesso to some army camouflage canvas,  painted each one with acrylics, then hung them out to dry on my "line" in the garage.

Next came printing and stamping some muslin with words and the carved images I had made earlier.

Then, stencils were applied with enamel paint and the banners were hung to dry again on the line.

After they were dry, each banner had the words and stamped images sewn on by machine. Fringe was sewn on the bottom of each banner and then all of them were sewn to one continuous piece of trim.

Dylusions Spray Inks were applied to the fringe; it did not have good lasting quality. 
Ribbons were tied between the banners and then the string of gratitudes were hung in the rafters of one of our favorite spots: the screened porch.

And there they hung from August, 2012 until November, 2013,  giving rise to many meditations, prayers, greetings, reflective thoughts and ponderings of family, friends and total strangers. Until became the operative word in this whole process on November 25.  That is the day I took the banners down, cut them apart, sewed loops into the ribbons and applied wire to each one. 

Now,  the process is nearly complete. Each banner will be sent this holiday season to dear ones offering special blessings. I doubt that they will suspect what the process really involved. But as you have now been a part of that process, I hope you have found some new knowledge and perhaps more importantly, a special blessing in the process of reading about these banners. Truly this has taught me again that little things often have a great deal of time and love in the process.


  1. Hi Deb. What a beautiful process with so many wonderful gifts in the end. I loved reading about your process of making, enjoying and then giving. So heart warming and meaningful. Thank you for sharing. xo

    1. Glad you took a minute to look. Much thanks is due you! Have a great holiday.

  2. Hi Deborah,

    I do believe that the photo of the final banner was the one I just received in the mail. I also loved reading about your process for making the banners, and on close inspection, I think you forgot to mention the straight sewing (nice tension!), zigzag stitching, and custom label. Very impressive, your process, the photos, and the blog overall. Keep going! You are inspiring.

    1. Glad to hear the banner made it and that you enjoyed its receipt. Thanks for checking the blog. Now I encourage you to make some with scraps from your projects. Truly a great way to keep the circle going. Have a great holiday season!