Thursday, October 10, 2013

Three Birds with One Stone

In recent days I figured out a way to kill three birds with one stone...First, I got busy constructing a new journal from a manilla envelope, a few pages of card stock and some nifty inspired ideas for concealing things on those pages. All this resulted from a class by Terri Kahrs through 21 Secrets.  Second, rather than use blank card stock for this project, I decided to substitute gelli plate pulls I had completed on various types of paper: cheap copy paper, deli paper, card stock. These pulls were results from a class with Carolyn "Cat" Sardowski. See more on her at  And third, I began to use this new journal in a class I am currently taking from Melody Ross at  Any questions you see on pages are from her. All the purple ephemera used so far is from a swap with a artsy buddy. I am only sharing a few of the pages here. Keep in mind please, none of these pages are complete, it is a journal in the making.

To present.......>>>>>>>>>>>


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    1. Thanks Jackie. I really enjoyed learning this method and look forward to using it this coming year.